An Ode to Noble Souls

The sad truth is, the world is beyond the point of change. The destruction that has happened over the course of time, both physically and emotionally, is irreversible. The people who still think that they can change the world for the better, those poor noble souls, I feel sorry for them. Despite this, I admire them very very much. Because seeing your dream being crushed every time you step out of your house, every time a speck of humanity is littered away by a horrendous act, is not an easy thing to endure. 

Every child, when it’s born, is born with this noble optimistic idealogy. Every kid thinks that their good deeds are turning this world into a better place, that their humane actions are being set as examples and are being followed by other people.

Then life happens, and they soon find out that humans are just a very twisted form of wild animals. Kill or be killed, metaphorically speaking. In this ruthless world, no one cares about anyone but themselves.

Except for those few noble souls. Those noble souls who still want something for this world. Those noble souls who have kept that flicker of hope alive all their lives, and will continue to do so, until someone finally breaks their illusion. But I salute these noble souls, for being a constant source of unstoppable inspiration, for being the heroes we need, even if a bit too late, for trying their best even though somewhere deep inside, they know, all their effort is in vain. The inner voice of negativity, that we have succumbed to all our life, these people have managed to keep it at bay. I salute these noble souls for keeping their heart as pure as a child’s laughter, despite being tempted by the darkness that resides within them. I salute these noble souls for believing in the fact that showing a little bit of humanity everyday, might just end up saving it one day.


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